AI and Machine Learning Summit


Hear from Leaders in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

From breakthroughs happening now to future possibilities to the biggest questions facing the industry, the Machine Learning Summit gives you the opportunity to hear from researchers, academics, and entrepreneurs on some of the hottest topics in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

At the half-day Summit, we’ll cover topics ranging from bias and ethics in AI to how machine learning can be applied to solve some of our toughest societal challenges.

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2019 Topics and Speakers

Moderator: Michelle Lee, VP of Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab

1:33PM – 2:03PM
Precision Medicine and Positive Outcomes: How ML can Help Tailor Immunotherapies to Cancer Patients
Raphael Gottardo, Sciendtific Director, Translational Data Science Inegrated Research Center Fred Hutch
2:04PM – 2:34PM
Deep Learning for Disaster Management and Response
Cornelia Caragea, Associate Professor, Science and Engineering Offices, Computer Science
2:35PM – 3:05PM
Harnessing AI and Machine Learning to Create Smarter, Cleaner Cities
Guido Jouret, Chief Digital Officer, ABB
3:06PM – 3:36PM
Deep Learning in Deep Nets: Helping Fish Farmers Feed The World
Bryton Shang, Founder and CEO, Aquabyte
3:54PM – 4:24PM
Deepfakes, Audiofakes, and the Future of Media
Delip Rao, Audiofakes, and the Future of Media, AI Foundation
4:25PM – 4:55PM
From Seed To Store: Using AI to Optimize the Indoor Farms of the Future
Henry Sztul, Bowery Farming
4:56PM – 5:26PM
Big Data for Tiny Patients: Applying ML to Pediatrics
Judith Dexheimer, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
5:27PM – 5:57PM
Machine Learning and Society: Bias, Fairness and Explainability
Pietro Perona, AWS

Who should attend?

The Machine Learning Summit is designed for everyone from data scientist to business professionals. If you’ve ever been curious about artificial intelligence and machine learning, whether you’re just getting started on your machine learning journey or already a machine learning practitioner, this Summit will provide you with knowledge of what’s on the horizon for machine learning.

How to attend the Machine Learning Summit

To attend the Machine Learning Summit, purchase a ticket to AWS re:Invent 2019. Once reserved seating opens in the fall, you will be able to register for a seat.

When: Tuesday, Dec. 3, 1:30PM – 6:00PM
Where: Venetian Theater, Las Vegas, NV

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