The Quad

The Quad

The Quad, located at the ARIA, will host sponsor booths, themed interactive spaces, demos, the Builders Fair, and other hands-on activities. Drop by when you have a break in your schedule, and elevate your learning experience.

Blockchain Beer Pub and Café

Come join us, grab a beer or sip a coffee, and learn how AWS technologies, such as Amazon Managed Blockchain, AWS IoT services, artificial intelligence services, and more, can provide the end-to-end visibility that today’s supply chains need to track and trace entire production processes with unprecedented efficiency. You can also learn how these technologies help consumers make sustainable choices that reward small-scale producers and farmers.

Builders Fair

Come visit the Builders Fair, where you can learn from AWS experts and customers and gain hands-on experience. There will be over 70 projects to browse throughout the week. Learn how these projects were made, and walk away with the ability to implement them yourself. The projects cover topics across all AWS services. Best of all, you have the opportunity to talk to the experts who built these projects, and you can diagram and problem-solve with them.

Connected Home

Part of the “Connected World, Powered by AWS” experience, the Connected Home demo space allows you to learn how you can use AWS IoT and APN Partner technologies to easily and securely build and scale connected home solutions that enable you to create innovative experiences for your consumers. This space also gives you the opportunity to learn how these technologies can help you better understand how your customers use your products, identify opportunities for product improvement, and add or unlock new sources of revenue for your business. You’ll experience how AWS helps transform in-home healthcare, home automation and networking, energy management, connected vehicles, and more. Hear from AWS experts and APN Partners to learn how these demos were made and how you can implement these use cases in your connected home applications.

AWS DeepRacer Boot Camp by Community Experts

This boot camp offers unpreceded VIP access to AWS DeepRacer experts, including the AWS science and product teams behind AWS DeepRacer, the 2019 AWS Summit Circuit winners who have achieved the fastest times on the AWS DeepRacer leaderboard, and developer experts who educate the community with best practices and tips.

This event is for developers who are serious about competing in the 2020 AWS DeepRacer League and are looking for the latest and greatest in hands-on technical knowledge. You will learn from experts in a series of lightning talks and have the opportunity to improve and practice your models on a dedicated AWS DeepRacer track.

Registered AWS re:Invent attendees can participate in the last qualifying race of 2019, on Monday Dec. 2 from 4:00PM – 6:30PM, in The Quad during the Welcome Reception. The top 3 will advance to compete in the 2019 Championship Cup finals at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

AWS GameDay Lounge

Do you want to get hands-on with AWS but don’t have the time to commit to a full-day hackathon? Do you enjoy technical challenges, gamification, and light competition? This is your opportunity to experience all three by participating in AWS GameDay on your own schedule. Stop by the AWS GameDay Lounge to gain access to over ten GameDay scenarios built by both AWS and APN Partners, covering a wide range of content such as DevOps, security, networking, migration, and microservices.

Industrial IoT

Part of the “Connected World, Powered by AWS” experience, the Industrial IoT demo space allows you to learn how you can use AWS IoT and APN Partner technology to easily and securely build and scale connected industrial solutions. Learn how these solutions help improve the performance and productivity of industrial processes for predictive quality, asset condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance. Hear from AWS experts and APN Partners to learn how these demos were made and how you can implement these use cases in your industrial applications.

Nuvola Demo Theater

Learn from AWS sponsors and experts in our demo theaters. Twenty-minute demo presentations will take place throughout the day with real-life applications for how to be successful on AWS.

Robotics Lair

New this year at re:Invent is the Robotics Lair. Here, you can learn how AWS is working with customers to drive innovation and create applied solutions in the areas of robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics. The Robotics Lair will provide a hands-on experience using AWS services, such as AWS RoboMaker, allowing you to interact with robotic arms, autonomous ground vehicles, and even a drone. AWS experts will explain how projects were developed, share architectural diagrams, showcase enabling technologies, and provide guidelines for accelerating your robotics development efforts.


Monday, Dec. 2 4:00PM – 7:00PM
Tuesday, Dec. 3 8:00AM – 6:00PM
Wednesday, Dec. 4 8:00AM – 6:00PM
Thursday, Dec. 5 8:00AM – 4:00PM

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